Full-Service Consulting

Safety Viewer is here to serve as your single source for all integrated system solutions. The successful convergence of technologies into a cohesive network depends on an in-depth understanding of each system—with 20 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects, we have the know-how you can trust.

We offer full-service system design, including: equipment bid-specification, AutoCAD planning, infrastructure wiring schedules, specification of electrical and thermal requirements, equipment connectivity diagrams, and control system programming support.

Design-Build Engineering

We offer complete design and build services for audio/visual, telecom, networking, security, shading, lighting, and climate control. Having a single expert source with experience in designing, installing and integrating these technologies into a system that effectively works together can make all the difference in the success of your project.

Project Management

With the intricate details involved in each step of creating an integrated technologies system, we know from experience that effective project management is critical for a successful outcome. That’s why an experienced project manager is assigned to every Safety Viewer project who sees it through from start to finish. We use a state-of-the-art management system to organize and track schedules, engineering threads, coordination requirements, and communication between departments. Our managers are highly knowledgeable and personable individuals who can effectively communicate details between clients, builders, installers, engineers and programmers.


Once system design is complete, our installation professionals begin the implementation process to bring your system to life. After assessing your site, finalizing equipment locations and selecting equipment, our team navigates your project through pre-wire, installation, calibration, and programming to complete your integrated system.


Without intelligent and seamless programming, an otherwise perfectly executed system can feel complicated to many people. Safety Viewer programmers rival the best in the industry in user interface and user experience design, as well as reliability. Our custom programming elegantly ties together a highly complex network of signals and system interconnectivity, making operation a joy and the completed system a thing of beauty.


Audio and video for movies, music and games are created in controlled environments and optimized for large commercial cinemas. In the relatively close-quarters of a home theater or media room, reflections from walls and furniture often result in distorted sound–muddy bass, degraded high frequencies, and/or compromised surround sound, for example. Our goal is to give you a media experience that’s as true as possible to what its creators envisioned. We specialize in environmental analysis and corrective processing that results in audio and video systems that deliver peak performance.


To make sure you reap the most enjoyment from your new system, your project manager and system programmer will schedule a guided, hands-on orientation to get you comfortable with the system interface. If other users are not present during the initial training, we’re happy to provide additional sessions. Our goal is your complete satisfaction; our friendly professionals will ensure that you’re confident using your new technologies.

System Monitoring

To make sure your system continues operating at peak performance, we offer a monitoring service via your Internet connection. Our dedicated, “watchdog” server monitors various system components for device failures, thermal operating ranges, power consumption, and more. The server can alert us to a variety of issues—often before you even notice a problem—so our service team can respond and get your system in check.

Service and Upgrades


Whether you’re the original purchaser of your system or have moved into a home with an existing Safety Viewer system, we’re here to help familiarize you with its functionality and troubleshoot any problems. Visit support for details on service calls and agreements.


We keep our “ear to the ground” for new innovations in residential and commercial systems technology and are committed to providing the highest quality and most cutting-edge solutions on the market. If you’re interested in upgrading your system or simply curious about what’s new, we’re here to help answer your questions. Our knowledgeable sales team is your resource for the most current technologies and trends.