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Safety Viewer enhances your home environment by designing and installing lifestyle technologies that are simultaneously innovative and easy to use. By integrating your systems, we put convenience, security and enjoyment at your fingertips. Whether you’re home or away, you can access all systems from your mobile device via a personalized interface that is both sleek and intuitive.


Systems Integration

Centralised controls deliver the ultimate in ease and efficiency by allowing you to manage multiple systems—lighting, window shades, audio/video, security and more—from an easy-to-operate touch screen interface that is programmed to meet your specific needs.


Multi-room Audio and Video

Of all electronic amenities, multi-room audio and video is the most satisfying. Matrix switching technology allows you to select music or video from an array of sources—XM Radio, mp3 players and other components—and distribute it throughout your home. A single touch screen or keypad provides instant access to all of your music and video sources anywhere within your home.


Home Theater/Media Rooms

Home theaters are rooms carefully designed to create an optimal movie and TV viewing experience; they generally feature a projection system, surround sound system, cinema seating and acoustic treatments. A “media room” is generally multi-purpose; it may be a living room, den, bedroom, game room or office with high-end technology incorporated for music listening, gaming, Internet surfing and movie/TV viewing. Both room types require special consideration in terms of spatial dimensions and ambient lighting.


IP Voice/Data Networks

We provide a robust network—both wired and wireless—that allows you to access all communication systems from anywhere in your home or business. Call your son in his bedroom or your mother across the country, send email, surf the Web, print across the network, Skype with friends, or video-conference with associates—from wherever you are.


Lighting Control

Lighting controls are an affordable way to eliminate clutter, save energy and simplify your life. An integrated system lets you brighten or dim single or multiple lights at the touch of a button, accentuate architectural features or set a mood by controlling the ambiance and function of every room for any occasion.


Automated Shading

An integrated low-voltage shading system allows you to raise and lower shades silently and effortlessly. By automating your shading control, you gain convenient access, enhanced aesthetics and energy conservation.


Climate Control

Simplified control of your HVAC system creates maximum efficiency and comfort. Save energy by running automated HOME, AWAY, and VACATION schedules, optimizing system performance per occupancy scenario. Integrated thermostats also add the convenience of remote monitoring and control.


Security & Access Control

Take comfort in the knowledge that your property is protected, your loved ones are safe, and access to your home is controlled. Be alerted to smoke, fire and water hazards; burglary and trespassing. Monitor interior and exterior camera feeds through TV and touchscreen, or remotely from your computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world.


Energy Management

Our energy management solutions offer insightful tracking of electricity, gas and water utilities to help your firm monitor and control its energy consumption. With customized granularity, our systems can create graphs based on real-time usage data by building, room, outlet and tap.


Distributed Antenna Systems

Eliminate spotty cellular coverage throughout your home. With many of today’s high-end homes utilizing large amounts of steel, concrete, and glass, rejection of cell signals is inevitable. Our distributed antenna systems (DAS) effectively expand coverage that’s available outside of your home to the spaces within. With our technology solutions, dead-zones are a thing of the past.

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